Get ready to tear down obstacles of the mind and body. We at Phage believe martial arts and self-defense is for everyone. We also believe that THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. So start your journey with us today!



Chesapeake Community Center (2nd floor, room 18) 3748 OH-7, Chesapeake, OH 45619


Mon 10am & 7pm BJJ

Tues 10am & 7pm BJJ

Wed 10am & 8pm BJJ

Thurs 10am & 7pm BJJ

Fri 10am & 7pm BJJ

Sat Noon open mat, 1pm MMA

Sunday 1pm (Open mat. All are welcome to roll! No mat fee.)

For more info contact:

@phagejiujitsu on FB & IG

304.690.6048 (leave voicemail)